Minecrunch Development

It's so crunchy..

What is Minecrunch Development?

Minecrunch Development came from years of a bunch of friends just playing a little game called Minecraft. Since then we decided to expand our horizons, first it came in the form of hosting Minecraft servers and writing scripts to automate parts of the server administration. Then we started doing some web development. Then we decided to write our own desktop application to distribute some custom modpacks for Minecraft. All along we improved on our skills in development and administration. Now we are working on something even more intensive, we are developing our own game.... Yeah that's right you heard it here first, we are diving into the game development arena, not only that but it is going to be completely web based. So nothing to download, nothing to install, just use your favorite browser, log into our network, and have fun! This that what gaming is all about really? Just having fun, well we were having fun working on this endeavor. Check back here often for updates, follow us on Twitter, or register for an account and get our news update emails. Don't worry will not spam your email with ads or irrelevant email. Our goal is simplicity in our design, but we would love to hear any suggestions you may have, just drop us a note on the Contact page. We want to hear from you.