Minecrunch Development

It's so crunchy..

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away......

Oh wait...wrong story.

So who are we? Well that is really a simple answer, just a couple of friends who like to play games, Minecraft in particular. We each have our unique talents. One who is a troll, one who is an evil genius, one who just likes to build, one who has the morals in group, one who likes to live under a rock, one who knows everything about everything Minecraft, and one who just loves to mine everything.

We all really enjoy having fun, whether it's just playing a little bit of Minecraft or throwing up a server opening it up for the world to play on. We did that once it was epic to say the least. Just look on Youtube for TekkitCrunch, which is what we first went by and you will still find videos of people playing on our server. Now we have scaled back, but are still very active. Now we are going in a different direction. Poke around the website and you will see. (Hint: everything you want to know is under Projects.) Let us know if you have any suggestions through our Contact form.

- The Master of Trolling (If a prank has befallen you, it was probably this guy.)

- The Evil Genius (Some of the most cunning plans have been hatched from this mans brain.)

- The Builder (Need a brand new lab to build your mad machines in? He will do it, and be grumpy about it.)

- The Morals of the group (Kind of, morals is a loose term around us.)

- The Miner (This guy will dig everything, you have been warned.)

- The Dwarf (What can we say? He likes to live underground.)

- The Brain (Want to know how to connect the thinga-ma-jigger to the whatcha-callit? Ask him, he already knows and built it.)